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Aegir Summit After Party Issue queue's


We try to meet check-in there on Thursdays at 2PM GMT (10 AM EDT, 8 AM MDT). We're also experimenting with a more informal chat via (Thursdays at 8PM UTC).

Mailing Lists

There are mailing lists that can be used for support, general discussion and development or announcements.

  • announce - the announce mailing list is used to announce new releases or major news
  • users - the user mailing list is used for general discussions and support for Aegir users
  • core - the core mailing list is used for internal discussions in the core team
  • develop - for discussions about the ongoing development of the project (also AegirNG, the next major version)
  • discuss - for general technical discussions, how-to questions, etc
  • coord - for coordination of tasks that are not code-related
  • business - for discussing business models, partnering opportunities, etc