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Aegir Training at Drupal For Gov in Washington DC July 21st 2016

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Drupal For Gov

There will be an Aegir training day at the Drupal For Gov conference in Washington DC in July 2016.

Drupal For Gov last year featured a talk on NASA hosting approximately 300 sites using Aegir. 

Sign-up for training on Aegir and also take the opportunity at the training to learn more about the Aegir Support Cooperative

Come join the Lead Developer and other members of core team behind the Aegir Hosting System, for a full-day training!

Register for Aegir Training at Eventbrite 

Aegir is an excellent fit for federal, state and local governments and NGOs to host Drupal and CiviCRM (and even has experimental support for WordPress). The Aegir Hosting System is a Drupal-centric hosting framework, used by thousands of people and organizations, including NASANDI and SLAC. They use Aegir to automate all aspects of development and hosting of hundreds, or even thousands, of Drupal and CiviCRM sites, and with the use of contrib extensions, even Wordpress. 


We'll showcase Aegir's capabilities and empower participants to make the most of its powerful functionality. Here is an outline of topics we're planning on covering during the training:


  1. Intro to Aegir
    1. Project history
    2. Core team, community and ecosystem
    3. Features & functionality
    4. Terminology and architecture
  2. Installation
    1. Debian packages and manual installs
    2. Ansible, Puppet, Chef and others
    3. Remote database servers and clusters
  3. The Aegir interface
    1. Platforms, sites and packages
    2. Servers & services
    3. Tasks & queues
  4. Creating Platforms
    1. Creating a Drupal platform from scratch
    2. Managing platforms with Drush Make
    3. Managing platforms with git
  5. Installing Sites
    1. Creating a site on our new platform
    2. Common Site tasks (install, clone, backup, restore, migrate)
    3. Configuring cron via Aegir
    4. Automatic site aliases
  6. Advanced Usage
    1. Git workflows
    2. CI testing integration
    3. Automated visual regression testing
    4. High-Availability clusters
    5. High-Performance clusters
  7. Advanced Drush Make 
    1. Patching and branching with git
    2. Cascading makefiles using includes and overrides
    3. Using Drush Make lockfiles for reproducible platform builds
  8. Extending Aegir
    1. Overview of Aegir contib modules
    2. Scheduled backups & garbage collection
    3. ACLs & SFTP
    4. Alternative themes
  9. Using the Aegir API to customize workflows
    1. Advanced Debugging (running tasks by hand, force-deleting, etc...)
    2. Overriding the Aegir makefile
    3. Overriding settings.php and apache config files
    4. Clients & the quota API
    5. Aliases & contexts
    6. Performance & security
    7. Extending Provision & Hosting


We generally covers topics (1) through (6) in the first half of the day, then spend the afternoon on more advanced topics. Depending on the size of the training cohort, we sometimes move to a workshop model in the afternoon, which allows us to focus the advanced portion of the training on the real-world requirements of the participants


In order to allow for as much direct participation as possible, we generally provide each student with a dedicated cloud-hosted installation of Aegir. We ask that all participants bring a laptop capable of SSH'ing into those VMs, and have at least a passing familiarity with the Unix command line.

Thursday, July 21, 2016 from 11:15 AM to 4:00 PM (EDT) - Add to Calendar
Natcher Conference Center, National Institutes of Health - 9000 Rockville Pike Room F1/F2, Bethesda, Maryland 20892 - View Map